I have been painting since 2012, where I suddenly had less creative tasks at my full time job working as an assistant in the communication department in a large medical company. It is important for me to be creative and as I didn’t have the possibility to do so at my daily job, I had to look for some other outlet. I went to the attic in my home, where I had stored some acrylics, easels, brushes and other stuff I had inherited from my father when he suddenly passed away. He was not a professional artist, but was taking some evening art classes during the last years of his life. One of my uncles on my father’s side was an artist and my grandfather on my mother’s side was also a good painter.

Well, I didn’t have a clue how to paint, neither did I know how to draw, so after a few tries, I gave up. It is close to impossible to paint something without knowing anything about paint, brushes, canvases and so on. I didn’t even know how to blend colors and the first attempts were really bad. A few months passed by and then I went to my attic again for the supplies. THIS time I wanted to do it right and went to the internet to read about painting with acrylics and watched a whole bunch of online videos and then I started painting. A work which would soon fill up my entire life. It became my passion and I started dreaming about all the paintings and compositions I wanted to make.

A whole new life began!

Anitta Jonas

Working at one of my paintings in an exhibition area in Holte, Denmark.

Of course I also went to some art classes, but mostly I went home very disappointed, since I didn’t think I had learned enough for the money I had paid. So I continued to look at internet – online art classes and I painted and painted and painted. It is now 5 years ago and I have painted more than 300 works and sold more than 80. How come you have so many ideas to put on the canvas, you might ask. Well, I had a tough childhood – losing my mother at the age of 7 and have had a rather turbulent life, marrying far to early and moving to Berlin for 12 years. I have seen a lot in my life. I have gone through really tough times and I think that painting is my way of expressing myself and working through all my rough times. What I know is that I have had many passions for a short while throughout my life, but none of them lasted very long. Painting is here to stay and it means so much to me to be able to paint.

Take a tour of my website – look at the paintings and see for yourself where this has taken me.


Anitta Jonas

Everybody has a story

My Paintings

When I paint in my studio I feel alive. To have the possibility to express myself on the canvas is wonderful. Take a look at my paintings.

Commissioned Artworks

I sometimes do commissioned works, If that could be of interest for you, please send me an email or call me now.

My story

SOLD - For fulde sejl 70 x 70 x 2 (Going full tilt)
Grotten acrylic on paper
Street walking 70 x 70
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