Abstract artworks

By Danish Artist Anitta Jonas

Please enter my portfolio to see my abstract artworks. I work both abstract and abstract-figurative. I paint with a narrow palette and often in douche colors.

About me

Everybody has a story!

Here you get mine, where you can hear why I started to paint.
I give you a little bit of myself to make you understand where all my ideas come from – what is my background and why do I continue painting .

Jeg er desværre syg med stress, så derfor bliver websiden ikke opdateret pt. Jeg maler heller ikke i øjeblikket, men har dog mange malerier på lager i forskellig størrelse. Kærlig hilsen Anitta

Work in progress


When I paint in my studio I am ALIVE. To have the possibility to express myself on the canvas is wonderful. Take a look at my paintings.

Contact me

Maybe you have some comments or questions you'll like to ask me. Please feel free, I'll do my very best to answer. I also do commissioned work, call me or write me an email at info@anittajonas.com if you are interested in hearing more about this.